Noise Cancellation Wireless Headphones P9 – Black


Applicable to all kinds of electronic equipment, computers, etc., all brands of Android smartphones are compatible, the best choice for hands-free calling. The stereo sound of the headset is very good, the bass is strong and the vocals are very clear. The overall feeling is that the sound quality is very balanced, especially suitable for listening to popular music. There are four colors to choose from.

The sound quality is perfect, the bass is strong, deeply loved by the fans, the sponge cover is soft, wearing for a long time painless. 10m remote program control, no signal barrier, get rid of the traditional wire shackles. Voice control volume and song switching, and phone calls are also very convenient. Headsets have a 3. 5 mm audio interface, support wire transmission, and a plug-in headset cable can also be used.  Connect to the headset to enjoy high-quality music playback, no good supply, or good noise reduction function, all functions are available. This is a necessary BT headset for travel.

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